Words from the Chairperson

Toshinori OKURA
(Kogakuin University, Professor)

The Japanese Association of Inorganic Phosphorous Chemistry (JAIPC) is to focus on the incentives aimed at the progress in research regarding the science and technology of inorganic phosphorus, together with their related materials and phenomena. The phosphates are widely applied not only to the commercial products used for our daily life, such as fertilizers, detergents, tooth powders, etc., but also those used for the functional enhancement, such as food additives, flame retardants,boiler cleaning chemicals, waste water treating agents, etc. The fundamental and applied research on inorganic phosphorus started from the glasses and fertilizers in the past, and currently performs the developments of biomaterials, catalysis, pigments, battery materials, phosphorylation of organic compound, synthesis / properties of inorganic-organic compounds, and recovery of phosphorus resources. The present organization of JAIPC now professionally contributes to the progress in the research on inorganic phosphorus for further applications.

The establishment of the original association was dated back to the Annual Meeting of Union of Chemistry-Related Societies in Chubu Area, i.e., “Phosphoric Acid and Phosphates” Session (Session of 1st Inorganic Phosphorous Chemistry; 1973) and following Social Meeting of Inorganic Phosphorus Chemistry. In 1986, Inorganic Phosphorous Chemistry Research Association was established and later the name was changed to the current JAIPC. The activities of JAIPC cover three main events, i.e., (i) publications of PHOSPHORUS LETTER (organ magazine; Japanese) and Phosphorus Research Bulletin (journal; English), (ii) sponsorship of International Symposium on Inorganic Phosphate Materials (ISIPM) and (iii) sponsorship of the regular meeting of Inorganic Phosphorus Chemistry. The number of regular and student members of JAIPC is approximately 160. Regardless of small academic society, the present JAIPC performs the incentive activities as a group of experts of inorganic phosphorus.

The organization of JAIPC has celebrated 30th Anniversary in 2016 since the establishment in 1986. As a 30th anniversary memorial project, 9th ISIPM was held in Tokyo Metropolitan University, and JIPC is further planning to publish the book entitled “Inorganic Phosphorus Chemistry – Fundamentals and Applications (tentative name)”. For the next 40 anniversary, JAIPC will contribute to the progress in the science and technology of inorganic phosphorus through the daily activities. In order to further enhance the activities of JAIPC with full of hope, I sincerely welcome to the frank comments and remarks for our scientific activities of JAIPC!